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Banned Member List - labrocca - Jun 27, 2008

This creates a simple list of your banned members.

It's one file uploaded to your forum root directory. The page will not display to guests and it does not require activation. You will need to manually add a link to the page wherever you want it (header or footer).

I have this on my own sites for reference to users but I don't have it linked.


RE: Banned Member List - andrew2007 - Jun 27, 2008

Thanks Jesse.

RE: Banned Member List - siopk - Jan 07, 2009

thank you for this one

RE: Banned Member List - DAMINK - Jan 08, 2009

Great script. This is a very handy one for me also mate. Smile Smile
Thankyou and great work as usual. I think its time for me to donate here.

OOPS... it appears i have posted on an old thread. Sorry guys... The thread was already bumped and i neglected to check the forum it was in. That said it still works on 1.4.

RE: Banned Member List - Harrumi - Jan 22, 2009

I just found this thread, I'm really happy for this mod, I've been looking for it!