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DxHx: Domain Hosting - ~andrew~ - Apr 17, 2007 provides free, paid and reseller web hosting services for your domains. The community forums are mainly for web hosting support and other hosting information as well as general webmaster discussions.

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Comments appreciated, thanks.

RE: DxHx: Domain Hosting - labrocca - Apr 17, 2007

Simple yet effective. I like it.

RE: DxHx: Domain Hosting - RogueDOC - Apr 18, 2007

Nice and simple. I like it.

RE: DxHx: Domain Hosting - spazzyferret - Apr 20, 2007

Personally, I'd pull some of your blue (that's on your main site) into the forum, perhaps the hover color of links...who knows, didn't look that hard but thought something was it stands, it's nice and simple (also noticed all links get an underline on hover except your top links which do nothing...just an observation.) Good job so far offense meant.

RE: DxHx: Domain Hosting - ~andrew~ - Apr 20, 2007

Thanks for the tip, I have restored the link colour back to blue. I prefer having the top links different to the others, which is why they do not get underlined.

Thanks all for the comments. Smile