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Site removal from - KuJoe - Jul 19, 2008

How would I go about getting a site I submitted removed? I'm looking to have removed as it is no longer using MyBB. Thanks! Wink

RE: Site removal from - labrocca - Jul 19, 2008


May I ask why you left mybb? Seems an odd move to go for VB with such a small forum.

RE: Site removal from - KuJoe - Jul 27, 2008

Well what happened was I handed over my bigger and more active vB forum I owned to somebody else to free up some of my time, they moved that forum to IPB which freed up my vB owned license and since was the only personal forum I had left that I was still interested in working with I figured it only made sense to not let my vB license go to waste. Smile

On the brightside, I still use MyBB for my business site and still do free install and setup for random people a few times a week. Big Grin

RE: Site removal from - labrocca - Jul 28, 2008

Ah..yes often when I sell my sites running mybb new owner mistakenly switches...normally they lose the traction I created by doing this but it's their lose not mine.

RE: Site removal from - KuJoe - Jul 28, 2008

Heh, had my vB license been a lease instead of owned I wouldn't have changed it, but my goal is to get the biggest return on my investment, even though the majority of the plugins I purchased aren't being used on the new site. Big Grin