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[Game] A or B? - mixerr - Sep 03, 2008

It's most popular game Smile

Xbox or PS3? Smile

RE: [Game] A or B? - Metal Wing - Sep 14, 2008

PS3 (I own one Big Grin)

PC or Mac?

RE: [Game] A or B? - labrocca - Sep 14, 2008

PS3 is gaining ground but the Xbox 360 is a bigger seller.

However the Wii beats them both.

RE: [Game] A or B? - upthevale - Sep 18, 2008

its a hard call. but i still think xbox has upper hand but as said above ps3 is catching up

RE: [Game] A or B? - Luke Beale - Sep 20, 2008

I think Xbox is better Big Grin

RE: [Game] A or B? - ohliam - Sep 21, 2008

if it was only between them then I would say xbox 360 cuz Sony wrecked there ps3.

but WII owns them ;D

RE: [Game] A or B? - Flashgear94 - Oct 23, 2008

PS3 is more popular in my place than Xbox so I go for PS3.

RE: [Game] A or B? - Chasingu - Nov 16, 2008


Combat Arms or Counter-Strike

RE: [Game] A or B? - Bey Brad - Nov 17, 2008

I don't own either, but X360.

Wii is lacking good games ... but it sells, so I'm sure Nintendo is happy.
PS3 is too expensive and doesn't have a strong enough library.

Also, Mac. Smile

RE: [Game] A or B? - korexus - Nov 20, 2008

Windows or Linux?