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Online24 v2.2 - labrocca - Sep 23, 2008

License is attached inside extras folder by using this software you agree to the terms of that license.

Plugin Name: Online24
Plugin Author: Jesse Labrocca
Plugin Website:
Plugin Version: 2.2
Plugin Mybb Compatibility: 1.4x
Plugin File Edits: None
Plugin File Uploads: 2
Plugin Description: This will display the users online the past 24 hours on index page. It utilizes the sessions table for the fastest posssible method.

Upload Files:


1. Upload the file from the zip

2. Login to your admincp and ACTIVATE the plugin (Online24) in the plugin manager.

This has full language support. If you wish to use non-english simply copy the online24.lang.php to your language folder and change accordingly.


That's it.

UPDATE: Oct 6,2008 version 2.1 released
To upgrade just overwrite the online24.php plugin file. The 2.1 version fixes a bug with invisible members and also adds more accuracy to the list as well as some code optimizations.

RE: Online24 v2.0 - MattR - Sep 23, 2008

Brilliant!! This was one of my favourite plugins, thanks for updating it Smile

RE: Online24 v2.0 - onel0ve - Sep 25, 2008

thnx but i cant download it help me

RE: Online24 v2.0 - labrocca - Sep 25, 2008

RE: Online24 v2.0 - onel0ve - Sep 25, 2008

:| o shit i have to pay for download :S okkkk

RE: Online24 v2.0 - MattR - Sep 26, 2008

What's wrong with that??

RE: Online24 v2.0 - sadiqsaad - Sep 26, 2008

You have to pay a very little amount, for these great plugins. And Labrocca's plugins are well known and they are always feature packed and safe security wise.

RE: Online24 v2.0 - DAMINK - Sep 26, 2008

Sucks if you cant subscribe for whatever reason but i for one love it. Labroccas plugins kick ass.

RE: Online24 v2.0 - MattR - Sep 26, 2008

(Sep 26, 2008, 04:20 AM)damink Wrote: Sucks if you cant subscribe for whatever reason but i for one love it. Labroccas plugins kick ass.

They do indeed, this plugin and MYPS are some of the best plugins available.

RE: Online24 v2.0 - MattR - Sep 27, 2008

I have the same problem as I did with the 1.2.x version:


This seemed to happen when I logged in on 2 different IPs (home and college), is there any way to stop this??

EDIT: It also happens here:


Again, I logged in at home and college, so 2 different IPs.

And if you do make a fix could you try and explain it to me, I'm trying to learn PHP Shy