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Pages: 1 2 - tomdickandharry - Oct 04, 2008

Well rather than competing with everybody. I mean there are so many gaming sites, etc already. So no need for me to start another one when thousands already exists. So I got an idea. Like free advertising kind of. Instead of competing if I made a place where everyone can share their sites and we can exchange ideas, posts, etc. Rather that competing.

Cuz most site call me mentioning my sites spam. Plus nobody want's to take away business from their site. Now you can mention all the sites you want. And plus somebody else might see your site and want to start posting.

Well you get the idea. And yes that is a custom theme. Except buttons originally made by FFW of course. I did the rest. I just started on the 28th so I'm brand new.

The only real complaint so far is the theme. The header mainly. What do you guys think?

RE: - tomdickandharry - Oct 05, 2008

Ok, I decided to reskin have 1 more look.

RE: - Bey Brad - Oct 05, 2008

Quote:No being banned. Say whatever you want. If you don't like something just ignore it and move on.

Just keep it clean. No nudity or violence please. Keep it all ages friendly. And try to stay on topic as much as possible.

And no illegal stuff,warez, etc. My host is strict and I don't want to loose my account.

You're really contradicting yourself here.

RE: - tomdickandharry - Oct 05, 2008

OK, I'll fix that. I'll just take out the say anything part. But how is the theme?

RE: - CoDPlay3r - Oct 05, 2008

Looks nice, although I'm not a big fan of that purple but it doesn't look bad either.

I might go to there for some post exchanges at a later date.

RE: - labrocca - Oct 05, 2008

Try creating a stripe background to tone down the brightness of that purple.

RE: - tomdickandharry - Oct 06, 2008

The stripes weren't fitting but I found this light sandy background instead.

RE: - tomdickandharry - Oct 07, 2008

OK, the purple wasn't really suiting. So I reskinned. Light blue. New theme.

RE: - labrocca - Oct 08, 2008

I guess that's a better skin. Purple is hard to work with. I somehow managed it at though.

You should learn to modify skins though to suit your needs. Keep working on it till you are really satisfied.

RE: - tomdickandharry - Oct 08, 2008

I can modify skins. Some anyway. But I am satisfied. That's god enough for now.