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RE: My Awards 1.0 - Chainzs - Nov 19, 2008

Great Pluggin ! But I have a little problem with it...
The awards are showing in the forum post like they should but if I go on the USERCP
and click details to see what the award is (Awards: 1 [Details])
It gives me a Page not found error... I have this at the end if the url fourm/myawards.php?uid=1

Any idea on what i'm doing wrong ?

RE: My Awards 1.0 - MattR - Nov 19, 2008

Well, have you uploaded that file to your forum root??

RE: My Awards 1.0 - Chainzs - Nov 19, 2008

Oh oh ! Working Now !
there was nothing in the readme.txt about uploading that file to the root dir

thanks Matt

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Nov 19, 2008

The files are in proper structure but thanks for pointing that out about the readme. I have fixed it now on the first page.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - upthevale - Nov 19, 2008

update idea: When you hover over the badge with the mouse it displays reason and option to give a badge to a entire usergroup

RE: My Awards 1.0 - sgproject - Nov 21, 2008

Thank you. Very useful. Have been finding a mod like this on myBB.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - Hapatio - Nov 22, 2008

I expect this is easy thing to do but im just getting to know MyBB,
I want it in the postbit to show

Awards: and then show awards

Im going to have to edit a template but which one and where do i edit
any help much appreciated.

Many Thanks,


RE: My Awards 1.0 - x-Treme - Nov 22, 2008


Awards:<!-- AWARDS -->
wherever you want it to show

RE: My Awards 1.0 - Hapatio - Nov 22, 2008

Thanks ^^

Also Is it possible so that only 3 awards show and if that person has been awarded more the link
Show All Awards pops up and goes to the page where you see the users awards?

Many Thanks,


RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Nov 22, 2008

Yes you can alter the plugin...

awards_postbit is the function you want to alter.

My apologies but I don't have time to make alterations to this to suit your needs.