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RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Dec 03, 2008

That is not planned. No reason you can't give MYPS seperately.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - Bey Brad - Dec 04, 2008

I think being able to buy awards with MyPS is a good idea.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Dec 04, 2008

Buy awards? Hmm....that's a possibility.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - Chainzs - Dec 06, 2008

anyone know where i can find other awards pictures ?
don't say google :o)

I love those that come with the plugin they have no "background"
and I want to find similar ones

RE: My Awards 1.0 - Jed K - Dec 08, 2008

There don't seem to be any images in the current download. Should there be?

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Dec 08, 2008

You are responsible for finding your own award images.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - MattR - Dec 08, 2008

Can we nick the ones from here??

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Dec 08, 2008

Legally no because they are licensed to me from Iconbuffet. Use the link in my footer to the site and signup. They are free but not for me to distribute.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - MattR - Dec 08, 2008

Ah ok, noted.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - EviLito - Dec 14, 2008

1.1a still have this:

PHP Code:
<br /><!-- AWARDS --!> 

in the function my_awards_deactivate()

It should be:

PHP Code:
<br /><!-- AWARDS --> 


Edit: BTW, when you add an award, per example ID=1, and you go to myawards.php?awid=1 you see in the recipient list a "guest"... is this intended? Why don't just show an empty list, or an error message (no recipients yet, or something)

Edit 2: Labrocca, can you please guide on how to make a "tooltip text" (the html title parameter in the IMG html tag) with the name of each award on its icon in the postbit? You may want to consider include this as a default behavior in the next release. The new members will find useful to know each award by just hovering the mouse on the icon and reading the award name.