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RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Feb 12, 2009

(Feb 12, 2009, 09:46 AM)radone Wrote:
(Feb 12, 2009, 09:45 AM)MattR Wrote: What are your questions?? I can install this plugin if you like and try and explain how to do it for future reference.

I would be very gratefull if you could install this for me.

You should be encouraged to install them yourself. It's easier than you think and the knowledge will be helpful with all the plugins.

We can help answer your questions even as n00b as they can get but we troubleshoot problems for the most part and we don't offer installation as part of the subscription service.

Just keep in mind you're not a cripple and you can do this yourself if you make the effort.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Bey Brad - Feb 12, 2009

Yeah, it was very easy to install this plugin. The directions are quite simple.

This seems to be a huge hit at my site Smile

RE: My Awards 1.2 - wolfgang2025 - Feb 14, 2009

I really like how this plugin works and just have a question. I am using the Vision theme and can not find the template where the awards would show up in a members post. I have My Moods installed and the awards show up above the My Moods. I would like for the awards to show up below that and inside of a table ( the table I can do ). Can any one tell me where this mod shows up in the template ? Cool

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Feb 14, 2009

Read post #9 in this thread.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - wolfgang2025 - Feb 14, 2009

(Feb 14, 2009, 06:10 PM)labrocca Wrote: Read post #9 in this thread.

Thank you for your fast reply I had looked at that in the template before and said to my self that can't be it but turns out I was wrong. Shy Again Thanks Big Grin

RE: My Awards 1.2 - mike469 - Feb 16, 2009

does anyone know of any good sites where you can find awards to add to this great plugin? not having much luck finding any

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Feb 16, 2009

Icon Buffet is image in footer.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - mike469 - Feb 16, 2009

thank you for your help

RE: My Awards 1.0 - SkullTraill - Feb 16, 2009

(Oct 11, 2008, 05:47 AM)MattR Wrote: Brilliant plugin Smile

I thought only paid subscribers could download attatchments.....

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Max C. - Feb 16, 2009

They can. O.o what was the point of that post?