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RE: My Awards 1.2 - ByteHunter - Mar 31, 2009

You have received a PM :
In order to download plugins you need to subscrive . It costs just 5$ but I guarantee that It worths it !

RE: My Awards 1.2 - MattR - Mar 31, 2009

(Mar 31, 2009, 09:55 AM)nheo0510 Wrote: But I can't download it? I can reply but can't download attackment? what happen?

My reply to your last post told you exactly what to do.

(Mar 31, 2009, 09:54 AM)nheo0510 Wrote: Owwww, I really like it

(Mar 31, 2009, 09:55 AM)MattR Wrote: In order to download plugins from Mybb Central you must upgrade your account and be a paid subscriber. More information is available here:

Then you can get it, too Smile

And then you ask again?? Ugh.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Bey Brad - Apr 05, 2009

Thought I'd show off my rather impressive collection!

Some of them are available via Face Boosters. Basically what these are are packages that have different odds for different Faces, sort of like trading cards ... it's a big hit. Smile I don't know if Labrocca would be interested in implementing this functionality as opposed to me doing it manually, but the idea is there if anyone wants it!

RE: My Awards 1.2 - EviLito - Apr 06, 2009

(Apr 05, 2009, 12:48 PM)Bey Brad Wrote: Thought I'd show off my rather impressive collection!

Hey Brad, I actually think they're really cool. Nice job. Smile

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Muhammad - Apr 07, 2009

Ilive in Iran . I want to download This plugin but Icant pay it because in our country we cant pay to the other countries because we don't have and may not have this kind of credit cards that you send in Pm. what should Ido?????????
we can't have paypal , tooooo!!!!!!!!!!

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Apr 07, 2009

What you should do is work on restoring your countries status in the interntional community. There is a reason why Paypal doesn't accept your country.

I can also moneybookers or alertpay payments. For direct payments it's $10 though. If interested PM me.

Thank you.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Trinit - Apr 07, 2009

Can you make a new version that let choose how many badges on postbit and a link View other badges of [nameofuser]

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Apr 07, 2009

Next version might have that but then the problem is sorting order. Because if someone has 10 and they display 4 which 4 are shown? See the problem? Now you have to add a column to the table. Now you have to create a sorting system for usercp.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Trinit - Apr 08, 2009

If you put the link View other badges there isn't this problem.. no?

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Bey Brad - Apr 08, 2009

Well, users are going to want to select which ones appear in the postbit. Perhaps checkboxes.