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RE: My Awards 1.2 - Nickbuc - Jul 15, 2009

I am about to get Subscribtion Just to get this but I was wondering...If members of the forum would have earned most already will it autoupdate itself to were lets say a member should have been awarded one will it award them Or do i have to go in and give them the award?

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Pirata Nervo - Jul 15, 2009

You have to grant awards yourself

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Nickbuc - Jul 16, 2009

Ok thanks thats what i wanted to know

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Jul 16, 2009

Oh that's right...that variable exists...

Try this instead:

$post['theawards'] = $awards;

Then use {$post['theawards']} in the template.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Jacob - Jul 17, 2009

Could you add on to this plugin maybe?

I was thinking, you could automatically recieve an award once you hit x amount of posts,

Good, bad..Or terrible :'(

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Jul 17, 2009

Eventually Jacob I will be releasing something along the lines of what you described. No date.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Trinit - Jul 20, 2009

Sorry, I changed theme. How can i set the awards again on postbit?

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Pirata Nervo - Jul 20, 2009

Add this:
<!-- AWARDS -->
to postbit_author_user

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Trinit - Jul 22, 2009

Thanks pirata ahah

OT: Also here?

RE: My Awards 1.2 - lgk258 - Jul 24, 2009

(Apr 09, 2009, 04:40 PM)labrocca Wrote: It can be controlled actually with a simple statement but you have to tell me under what parameters you want them displayed? Oldest, Newest, Random? Because the sort of the database grab is important. And users will NOT be able to sort order it themselves.

Example: I have 10 awards as a user. Admin allows 4 for display. I have no control over which 4 are displayed as it's a universal setting.

For me to create sort order on a per user basis will be a larger problem and would require major additions to the plugin. Maybe in a couple versions this may happen but I have more immediate features I want to add.

So..if you want the latest 5 given to a user displayed just let me know. I can give you the code change for that.

Can you get me the code to display the latest 6 awards please?