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RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Jul 24, 2009

In the plugin file find this:

PHP Code:
            WHERE awuid='".intval($post['uid'])."'
ORDER BY u.awutime 

Change to this:
PHP Code:
            WHERE awuid='".intval($post['uid'])."'
ORDER BY u.awutime DESC
            LIMIT 0

RE: My Awards 1.2 - lgk258 - Jul 25, 2009

Thanks for the code labrocca - it works great.

Is it possible to send the user who is awarded the award a personal message to let them know they have got the award?


RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Jul 25, 2009

That's next version.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - faviouz - Jul 27, 2009

lol I took like 30 minutes to realize I had to click the drop down menu for granting an award. You got to somehow "fix" that. It's confusing.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - ohliam - Jul 29, 2009

MyAwards is great but I would really love to see the following features :-
- Easier way to grant badges, maybe outside of the admin panel.
- Able to grant more than 1 badge at a time eg, I wan to give user1, user2 and user3 the same bagde. There should be a way to simply grant all at the same time.
- A way to grant badges automatically when the get a specific amount of Post count and Reputation.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Likee - Jul 29, 2009

Great plugin works great Smile

RE: My Awards 1.2 - hyde - Aug 02, 2009

This works perfect , but 1 thing i wanted to ask , Like you have it in HF where if i put my mouse over it tells me the award name , In my forum i have to click on it to see the award name.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Aug 02, 2009

Go to the inc/plugins/my_awards.php

Find this:

$awards .= "<a href=\"myawards.php?awid=".$results['awid']."\"><img src=\"uploads/awards/".$results['awimg']."\" border=\"0\" alt=\"".$results['awname']."\" /></a>";

Change it to this:

$awards .= "<a href=\"myawards.php?awid=".$results['awid']."\"><img src=\"uploads/awards/".$results['awimg']."\" border=\"0\" title=\"".$results['awname']."\" alt=\"".$results['awname']."\" /></a>";

That adds the title tag which works on some browsers when you hover.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - hyde - Aug 02, 2009

thanks lab, you the best bro.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - meghan - Aug 07, 2009

Im having trouble w/ the #3 step of this. I'm new so I'm still trying to figure things out...any help?