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RE: My Awards 1.2 - Melvin - Aug 07, 2009

You don't know how to chmod a file?

If you're using FileZilla, just right click it, click "File Permissions..." and then type the chmod.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - meghan - Aug 07, 2009

I'm using cyberduck(i have a mac)
OK- got everything but #2, for some reason I cant find that. Sorry to be a bother!

RE: My Awards 1.2 - MattR - Aug 07, 2009

You mean '2. Create folder /root/uploads/awards/ (already included in download too)'?? In your FTP/file manager, go to the ./uploads/ folder, create a new folder called awards, and CHMOD it to 777.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - prudens - Aug 10, 2009

anywhere I can download more nice award icons?

RE: My Awards 1.2 - meghan - Aug 12, 2009

how do i create a new folder? Sorry to be a pain.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - MattR - Aug 12, 2009

In your FTP/file manager, should be an option for it... it's included in the package anyway.

RE: My Awards 1.2 - windowsmediaman - Aug 13, 2009

This plugin wont work for me i would love if it did, my post bit is different from default. So this sucks xD

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Salvof - Aug 13, 2009

Compliment for this plugin!

RE: My Awards 1.2 - Xeon - Aug 14, 2009

Thankyou so much for this plugin, This is a really good one to have on any forum!

Also, Labrocca, you don't mind if I use some of your images from This sites Award system do you?

RE: My Awards 1.2 - labrocca - Aug 14, 2009

You have to get images from Use the footer image for my referral. The icons are mainly from the "icon buffet" set.

I am not licensed to distribute them.