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RE: My Awards 1.3 - labrocca - Dec 18, 2009

Yes that's possible.

Alter the plugin file and add a width="" and height="" to the img tag in the postbit function.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - Arqui - Dec 18, 2009

Oh yeah I didn't think that.
Thanks you so much for telling me.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - leefish - Dec 18, 2009

I have read all 55 pages of this thread - and I saw that a couple of times a PM on granting an award was requested. It was positively received by Labrocca - but it is not in the latest upgrade (as far as I can see). Are there plans to add the feature where a PM is sent to the user on receiving an award?

RE: My Awards 1.3 - Arqui - Dec 19, 2009

That would be a fantastic idea. I thought PM was sent... but I checked that no PM is sent.
I hope this function be added in the next update Wink
And I wanna suggest another thing: It would be nice that we can organize the awards by categories.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - labrocca - Dec 19, 2009

Yeah I plan on that but working on so much all the time every feature and idea I just can't accomplish. I do the most important and neccessary things as I can.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - FBI - Dec 19, 2009

go on Labrocca...
after My Tweet and then My Facebook :Lol: Wink

RE: My Awards 1.3 - labrocca - Dec 20, 2009

I'll look into some facebook API's.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - xmast - Dec 22, 2009

y i can't have a permision to dowload that?!?!

RE: My Awards 1.3 - MattR - Dec 22, 2009

In order to download plugins from Mybb Central you must upgrade your account and be a paid subscriber. More information is available here:

Read the PM you got when you registered.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - Theref - Dec 23, 2009

I've been looking for this plugin. Just subscribed, awaiting confirmation Smile