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RE: My Awards 1.0 - EviLito - Oct 13, 2008

weeeeeee, this is why I suscribed!!!!!

thank you Labrocca!! Will be testing it soon!

and.. MYPS integration? emm ... what about we.. people who don't use MYPS?? will it work anyway? I don't want it "fully" integrated with something we don't use (I know many people uses MYPS but you know.. many other just don't) Tongue

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Oct 13, 2008

Yes it's not nor will require another plugin to work. I don't integrate in that way. The only addons that require other plugins are MYPS addons and those are released under the MYPS category. Expect a lot of MYPS stuff relatively soon. I am within a couple weeks of completing all previously commissioned work and will give 100% to MYPS for a couple months of serious development toward add ons. Gonna blow away some people what I will do.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - EviLito - Oct 13, 2008

Hello there. I tested it, and loved it ^_^

Here are my suggestions:

1) The string contained in:


Seems like it's out of place in the file:


also I'm wondering if this is also the case of:

$l['search_error'] and $l['time']

since I didn't see those strings working yet =/

2) A "tool-tip text" would be nice in the awards image showing its name (at least when showed in the postbit). You know, the thing that appears when adding the "title" part in <img title="AwardName" src="....> Smile so the people at least know what is the image about =D

3) This is a "globalization" mistake. It Would be nice that you don't hard-code the word "for" (marked with red), and set a new language string for the whole phrase marked with purple, as shown in this image:

[Image:][Image: thpix.gif]

4) Similar to my suggestion #3
Would be nice not to hard-code those words marked in colors in this image:

[Image:][Image: thpix.gif]

I know the plugin developers are not likely to have multi-language support for the WHOLE plugin (I've seen too few developers using language files for their plugin files, per example, when creatting admin cp settings because they assume the only thing that really needs to be translated is the end-user interfaces)... HOWEVER! some of us do really like to see our admin cp also fully translated ^_^

Anyway, this is a GREAT work, and I would like to thank you with the spanish files, so you can distribute them inside your plugin package Big Grin Here you go:


I can also give you a fully translated version of the file: inc\plugins\my_awards.php so you havean spanish version of the whole package (including the hard-coded strings used in the admin cp settings)

I can update the language files as you change the original files. Btw, I'm a translator at MyBBThemes and I also help the spanish translators in the MyBB community forums by reporting "bugs" Smile I'm telling this so you can be sure the translation is OK and I'm not inserting bad/personal style words in the file Smile

Cheers Wink

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Oct 13, 2008

1. That's for future use.
2. Was planning on adding title.
3. Will look into that. (fixing it now)
4. I could have sworn I had that as part of Lang but will fix it next release. (edit: loooked and Delete is in lang file but not changed in admincp) As for the My Awards as the navigation...that's going to stay as that is the title of the plugin and I am not going to translate that.

And your translations are appreciated.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - incadudeF - Oct 13, 2008

im getting this error:
Warning [2] main(./global.php) [function.main]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory - Line: 18 - File: admin/modules/user/myawards.php PHP 4.4.9 (Linux)
File     Line     Function
[PHP]           errorhandler->error
/admin/modules/user/myawards.php     18     require_once
/admin/index.php     378     require

Fatal error: main() [function.require]: Failed opening required './global.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php') in /homepages/18/d241666310/htdocs/modstation/unreal/forum/admin/modules/user/myawards.php on line 18

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Oct 13, 2008

hmm..what's the url of your forum? Line 18 is the include for the language file. Are you using english? Have you uploaded all the files properly?

RE: My Awards 1.0 - incadudeF - Oct 13, 2008

im using english and i uploaded all files correctly and chmod the awards file to 777

it happens when i go to:

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Oct 13, 2008

hmm...that's really odd..any chance I can get FTP and admincp access temporarily to see why it's not working on your forum. This hasn't been an issue elsewhere.

Do you have other plugins that utilize the admincp?

RE: My Awards 1.0 - labrocca - Oct 13, 2008

Try adding this before the load function.

    $mybb->settings['cplanguage'] = "english";
$lang->set_language($mybb->settings['cplanguage'], "admin");

Add that before this in the admin/user/modules/myawards.php


Let me know if that fixes it.

RE: My Awards 1.0 - incadudeF - Oct 13, 2008

its $lang->load("myawards");

in my file. I added it and it still gives me an error