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RE: My Awards 1.3 - labrocca - May 13, 2010

There is no plans to add that feature. You have to make them one at a time.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - FBI - May 27, 2010


Have you try this award sample display on different browser?
I have tried with FireFox, Chrome and Safari, as default (guest) could view the award under the avatar (for example).
On IE or Opera, as default (guest) cannot see the Award under the avatar.

Try this link, and see on different browser (no need login)

RE: My Awards 1.3 - SouR'D - May 27, 2010

This is a very nice plugin i currently use it on my forum

RE: My Awards 1.3 - technoman - May 27, 2010

Question ok so i make an award for referrals lets say, I add the award description then do i have to give the award manaully ... or am i missing something here?

RE: My Awards 1.3 - labrocca - May 28, 2010

All awards are given manually in admincp.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - SouR'D - Jun 03, 2010

I keep getting some error

unknown error uploading image...something like that..??

any way to fix???

RE: My Awards 1.3 - x-Treme - Jun 03, 2010

Did you chmod the folder correctly?
Quote:Chmod /root/uploads/awards/ to 777

RE: My Awards 1.3 - Youssef - Jun 18, 2010

i have successfly installed it and i imported the awards and everything but when i grant a prize for anyone

the award is not shown either in his profile or in his postbit ,, any help please sir ?

RE: My Awards 1.3 - labrocca - Jun 18, 2010

In admincp do you see the awards? If so then check the templates to make sure they are there. Follow the troubleshooting guide please that's on the first page.

RE: My Awards 1.3 - Youssef - Jun 18, 2010

Yes . i can see them in the admin panel .. i tried to follow your tutorial . but i cant locate them
can u post screenshots please ?

Edit : i have managed to get it working perfectly .. thanks alot Sir for this great plugin Smile