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Conversion Services - labrocca - Oct 22, 2008

I am now offering conversion services for people that want to convert an existing forum to mybb or if they want to convert a 1.2x forum to 1.4x.

If you are interested in hiring me for this please send me a PM. I work quick and my rates are reasonable. I am reliable and trustworthy. I can even convert you without access to your site/server provided you give me access to a complete download (filesystem and database).

I can convert phpbb2, phpbb3, vbulletin, smf, and punbb. If you have a different forum software I may still be able to successfully convert so please contact me.

And I don't want to think I am fooling anyone. I will be using the merge system provided by Mybb which can be found here:

However I can ensure that nothing goes wrong and that the process is successful.

My rates are going to be a minimum of $20 and I accept paypal. I will also be donating 10% of my fee to Mybb to help support their project.

Thank you.

RE: Conversion Services - Zash - Oct 22, 2008

Your gonna donate to PayPal or MyBB?

RE: Conversion Services - labrocca - Oct 22, 2008

Oops...thanks for pointing that out. Mybb of course. Smile

RE: Conversion Services - Flashgear94 - Oct 23, 2008

Ahh, this is a cool service.