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Learn MyBB - MattR - Oct 28, 2008

Ok this has been a long time coming but I finally decided to post it here. Basically it's a forum for people to learn all they'll need to create a MyBB forum and customize it. Now, before anyone says anything, yeah I know this stuff can be found on the MyBB Wiki or the tutorials section on the community forums, but a lot of stuff on the Wiki is quite basic and doesn't go into much detail, then again some people don't understand it - I mean I've seen loads of people who don't know what to do when they see the Error (40) message saying their forums haven't been installed. My tutorials are all written by me (well, unless they're posted by somebody else Tongue), are as clear as I can make them, and are packed with screenshots (where appropriate). And if it doesn't take off, so be it, I'm just trying it out. It's nowhere near finished, still got a lot of stuff I want to add to it, but I've been pushed for time recently. The basics are all there though. Also the header image is still default but I haven't got round to making one... so just ignore it Tongue

RE: Learn MyBB - nayare - Nov 15, 2008

The link is not working.

RE: Learn MyBB - x-Treme - Nov 15, 2008

The site is currently experiencing some difficulties, and Matt is aware of them. Hopefully he'll get it fixed soon. Quite a bit of helpful information on that site.

RE: Learn MyBB - MattR - Nov 15, 2008

Yeah for the past few hours it's not been loading but now, there's the dreaded MySQL error Tongue I'm now about to email my host.

Edit: It's all up and running again now Smile And what do you think of the new header image?? It's no match for the header here but it's better than the default logo that was there Tongue

RE: Learn MyBB - Loque - Nov 20, 2008

I've some question Smile
The theme that you've used in the forum is your?
Or the people can download it?

Is a nice forum Wink

RE: Learn MyBB - MattR - Nov 20, 2008

It's called MyNovaBlack and is on the MyBB Mods site.

RE: Learn MyBB - Loque - Nov 20, 2008

(Nov 20, 2008, 09:32 AM)Matt_ Wrote: It's called MyNovaBlack and is on the MyBB Mods site.

Thanks man, I'm never seen this theme Big Grin