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He loves me - jeremiah - Nov 13, 2008

Yeah, labrocca does love me, in a none sexual kinda way though for sure.

Anyway, I'm a designer, have cooked up some forum themes in the past, smf/vb/phpbb, but i'm here, and that's all that matters. Might work on a MyBB theme soon, could be fun Smile

So yeah...hi.

RE: He loves me - x-Treme - Nov 13, 2008

Oh please do...we could always use more themes. Some of us (points to himself) are among the graphically deprived!!!

RE: He loves me - jeremiah - Nov 13, 2008

Just setup mybb on one of my domains, poking around now. Smile

RE: He loves me - yeti - Nov 13, 2008

would like to see what ur capable of Wink

RE: He loves me - jeremiah - Nov 13, 2008

oh this is going to be a bitch to get done right, mybb is new to me, i got the design down no problem, but it's structured all loopy. it's going to be a loooong ass night.

RE: He loves me - x-Treme - Nov 13, 2008

Keep us posted of your progress...there are a lot of helpful people here if you get stuck on something.

RE: He loves me - labrocca - Nov 13, 2008

If you need help let me know. I do mybb themes too ...such as this one here. Smile

I am just not that great at logos and headers. I make good buttons and gradients though.

RE: He loves me - jeremiah - Nov 13, 2008

wicked stuff. ill be sure to create a thread and post day to day progress reports on the themes and stuff.

cheers labrocca, will PM you and bug ya a lil if need be. Big Grin

RE: He loves me - MattR - Nov 14, 2008

I think we all love you Tongue

RE: He loves me - jeremiah - Nov 14, 2008

haha thanks Matt Smile
Getting ready to start the new thread, had a bit to work on the first theme and im liking what I have so far but want to get peoples feedback so it can be a colab thing in a way. Wonder where i should post this day to day update topic...humm...