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Prune PMs - sadiqsaad - Nov 15, 2008


Any ETA on Prune PMs?

RE: Prune PMs - Loque - Nov 20, 2008

Your solution:

RE: Prune PMs - CoDPlay3r - Nov 22, 2008

Thanks for that link, I'll give it a try soon.

RE: Prune PMs - Loque - Nov 22, 2008

(Nov 22, 2008, 01:12 AM)CoDPlay3r Wrote: Thanks for that link, I'll give it a try soon.

I've already tested the plugin, and work perfectly.
The problem is only the language... italian.
I don't know if there is also the english language.

RE: Prune PMs - sadiqsaad - Nov 23, 2008

TY, I'll check into that.

RE: Prune PMs - Loque - Nov 23, 2008

(Nov 23, 2008, 04:18 AM)sadiqsaad Wrote: TY, I'll check into that.

A bit of word you must understand... you can use translator to translate the language file of the plugin Wink

RE: Prune PMs - Wintermute - Nov 23, 2008

Someone from italy here around who could translate this for us?

RE: Prune PMs - MattR - Nov 23, 2008

MyBBCleaner v1.4


This plug-in carries out an automatic cleanliness of the forum after a certain number of days.

Means MyBBCleaner is possible: To eliminate users in wait of activation to Eliminate users that do not
participate in the forum to Eliminate thread without reply to Eliminate thread Close thread Sfoltire Log Director
Sfoltire Log Moderator to Eliminate private messagi of the users

Installation to Unload the file zipper cited to this message Extract the file MyBBCleaner. php from the file and to copy it in the directory inc/plugin
of the actual forum to Activate It from the panel Admin

Change Log V1.4 - Upgrade for operation on MyBBoard 1,4, improved the elimination of the thread V1.3 - Added the possibility of
to eliminate the PM users V1.2 - Added the possibility of sfoltire the log Admin/Mod V1.1 - Correct some Bug on ricalcolo thread
eliminated V1.0 - First Relase

Note I don't speak Italian, I just used an online translator.

RE: Prune PMs - Loque - Nov 23, 2008

I'm italian, so I can help you Smile


This plugin do an automatic clean of the forum after a number of days that we set.

With MyBBCleaner is possible :

* Delete users waiting for activation
* Delete inactive members
* Delete threads without answers
* Delete threads
* Close threads
* Clean Admin Log
* Clean Moderators Log
* Clean Private Messages

RE: Prune PMs - Wintermute - Nov 23, 2008

No. I meant translating the whole Plugin. Or is the ACP in english?