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Plugin Idea... - labrocca - May 07, 2007

Do you think it would be cool for a plugin that would show a different attachment image if the download reached a certain point? Sort of like a hot threads except it would be for hot attachments? Maybe a slight animation on the attachment image if it becomes downloaded 100 times? I just thought of this idea and I wanted to know if anyone likes it enough for me to make it a plugin.

RE: Plugin Idea... - killy - Jun 05, 2007

that sounds pretty good, would also help people see if it was worth downloading or not.

RE: Plugin Idea... - mersky - Jun 25, 2007

I don't think the animation is necessary.

RE: Plugin Idea... - hisnessie - Jul 10, 2007

if it's gonna be animated it'd look good if there's like an animated crossbar passing through the images.. it will help admins figure out if they should remove a certain attachment already or not..

RE: Plugin Idea... - Xylolixus - Jun 16, 2015

Did it work?

RE: Plugin Idea... - GreenUp - Jun 18, 2015

Did it work just?

RE: Plugin Idea... - elsinick - Jun 19, 2015

pretty cool

RE: Plugin Idea... - Toucan - Jul 24, 2015

Sounds cool, I cant code mybb plugins. I probably wouldnt have it on my forum doe.

RE: Plugin Idea... - Karulean - Aug 14, 2015

Pretty cool. Smile

RE: Plugin Idea... - bushido - Apr 14, 2016

Did it work just?