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Current Plugin List (Updated:July 2/2010) - x-Treme - Feb 12, 2009

A list was compiled for his 1.2 plugins, so I thought it would be kinda nice to have one made for the 1.4 plugins.
Please note: These are only Labrocca's plugins and they do not include MYPS...visit the MYPS forum for that.

Alphabetical Listing:

AnonRep - Allows for anonymous reputations to be given based on groups
Canonical - This plugin will allow your site to adhere to the new rel=canonical standard for better SEO by adding the tag to headerinclude
Contact Form - Creates a contact form
Cool Download - This adds a cool download background mycode to your forum
Default Message - Creates default messages for forums. Perfect for sales forums or to enforce posting rules.
Delete Members Posts - Now you can delete all the posts of a member from the admincp
Dice Roll - Allows dice to be rolled for a post reply
Easter Egg Hunt - Creates a fun easter egg hunt for special threads. Includes automatted PM to admin and egg finder
Easy Refer - allows a simpler method to invite people to your forums.
EzSQL - This allows the Super Admin to run sql queries from the admincp
Fapcor (Forum Access Post Count Requirement) - Adds requirement for a minimum post count for forum access
Ficons - This plugin will add forum icons to your index page and subforum index pages
Fun Post Stat - Admin can choose a forum fid to do a calculation in a members profile to show their percentage of posts from that area
Google Analytics - This will give you an easy method to add Google Analytics code to your site
HTML Permissions - Assign html permissions by group or member
Last Edit Lock - This locks a post from editing once it's been edited by a moderator
Mapovifog (Max Post Views For Guests) - Creates a setting to stop guest viewing and display a signup/login message after a certain amount of thread pages are displayed.
Match Rank (beta) - The best comparison and use may be for clan matches but this will work for anything that's match based like chess or games like Bakugan
Minimum Posts Suite - This provides 3 extra settings in admincp for related to minimum posts for giving reputation, downloading attachments, use signatures and sending private messages.
Minimum Thread Titles - This provides an extra setting in admincp under "posting" to set a minimum character count for thread subjects.
Monthly Stats - This plugin will add a section to view your monthly stats for posts and threads from admincp.
My Ad Manager - This will create 4 ad zones.
My Awards - Give your users awards.
MyBB2PDF - This will add the ability to export threads as PDF's
MyBB Site Sig - This is an improved version of the old Mybb Signature 1.0 by Adam of Createmybb
My IPN Paypal Subscriptions - This adds paypal ipn subscription service for your members
My Meta Tags - This adds dynamic meta description tags as well as static keyword meta tag.
My Proxy Killer - This adds a few methods to stop proxies on your site
My Side Boxes - This will add sideboxes to your forum
My Specs - Ads a system specs link in postbit as an image that will create a popup
My Tweets - This will allow members to add their twitter feeds directly into their profiles as well as have a postbit button. Works in classic and regular postbit.
Necropost Notice - This adds a warning notice for necroposts (old threads brought to life)
[NEW]One Reply - This allows TID setting where each member can only have one reply. Supermods/Admins are exempted.
Online 24 - Shows which members have visited in the past 24 hours
Profile Ban - This adds a Quick Ban for moderators on a users profile
Profile Groups - Displays the full set of additional usergroup images in a members profile
Prune Members - This is an admincp addition for pruning (deleting) members based on lastvisit, post count, or unactivated members.
Repeat Report - This will disallow a post to be repeatedly reported
Repoco (Reported Posts Count) - Shows a stat for Reported Posts count in a members profile
Search Log - add a method to view your search log keywords from admincp.
Self Close - Admincp setting for allowing certain groups to self close their own threads.
Signature Groups - This plugin will let you set which groups can have signatures.
Tabbed Menu - Creates a tabbed menu on the index page to help organize forums.
Tag Cloud - Adds a simple tag cloud to your site
Tagpad - This plugin creates a tagpad page on your mybb forums.
Thread Notes - Displays the thread notes on top of showthread page. Also has a link to edit the notes. Very easy to install and run
Topic Header - A plugin to add latest topics to your index header
Username History - This plugin will keep record of username history changes.
Username History w/ Time Restriction - This plugin will keep record of username history changes. A link is displayed in profile that will display a full page with information. There is also an additional setting to restrict days between username changes
Warning Display Groups - This will allow you to set groups that can view the warning levels inside postbit.
Warn Recount - Ability for admincp to recount all existing warning point for members. Will fix any discrepencies that might currently exist.
Youtube MyCode - Easily add Youtube Videos to your forum

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - labrocca - Feb 12, 2009

Neat...that's 35 so far. Smile

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - sadiqsaad - Feb 12, 2009

Great job Smile. This thread should be sticky.

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - x-Treme - Feb 12, 2009 is now.

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - sadiqsaad - Feb 12, 2009

yep L already made it while I was typing. LOL.

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - faviouz - Feb 12, 2009

Well done.

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - crazy4cs - Feb 13, 2009

thanjs foa an all in one post

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - syst3m4t1c - Feb 14, 2009

nice post Big Grin

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links - Ricardo-san - Feb 21, 2009

Great list, helped me find what I needed.

RE: Labrocca's MyBB 1.4.x Plugins with Links (Updated:03/21) - darrenan - Mar 30, 2009

Thanks for the list.
I bookmarked it as I use it a lot Smile