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Minimize table - help - ByteHunter - Mar 27, 2009

Hi . How can I add minimize feature to this code :

PHP Code:
<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}class="tborder">

tr><td class="thead"><strong>Promotions</strong></td></tr>

tr><td class="trow1">




Also what need I to do to display this on index page .
I have seen things like :
PHP Code:
In tempelates if I whpuld save it as a tempelate named promotions and I whould insert {$promotions} to a tempelate it whould show this ?
If no how can I make it to work .
Thanks for help and sorry but I don`t understand PHP .

RE: Minimize table - help - ByteHunter - Apr 03, 2009

Please help me Sad

RE: Minimize table - help - LeX- - Apr 03, 2009

Minimize Table:
<table border="0" cellspacing="{$theme['borderwidth']}" cellpadding="{$theme['tablespace']}" class="tborder">
<td class="thead">
<div class="expcolimage"><img src="{$theme['imgdir']}/collapse{$collapsedimg['promotions']}.gif" id="promotions_img" class="expander" alt="[-]" title="[-]" /></div>
<tbody style="{$collapsed['promotions_e']}" id="promotions_e">
<tr><td class="trow1">

And if you want to use {$promotions} in your template you need to define it first in a PHP File.
If you want to use it in your Index page; i suggest to write a simple plugin with as hook
$plugins->add_hook('index_start', 'do_promo');

RE: Minimize table - help - ByteHunter - Apr 08, 2009

Thanks for help Big Grin