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I released V2 of my community project two days ago.
It's an open community, based totally on MyBB.
It has some nice features from MyBBCentral, some selfwritten plugins and now also a complete CMS.
CMS is based on MyBB, it uses same skins (same css) and MyBB user management.

If you want please take a look and tell me if you like it, what I could do better and so on, give me a review Smile

Page is german but since you are reviewing the MyBB, the design and the CMS it shouldn't be a problem.

Suggestions and comments are welcome!

Kind regards
LS 134

EDIT: Forgot the link... here you go Big Grin

RE: - the open community - GeZed - Apr 15, 2009

Hi LS 134,

Rather cool colours, at first it looks glareish but then it grows on you I like.

The on.gif, off.gif and offlock.gif I would change to a square and not the circle, the edges look rough and incomplete, make it a square and keep it clean. If you keep circle I would try redraw them without shadow or 3d effects, that might keep the edges clean.

Else good job, content is over my english head, ha ha.

Later then

RE: - the open community - LS 134 - Apr 20, 2009

Thank you for your review Smile
I'll look into the gif's, you are right they aren't really nice at the moment.

Anyone else have some critic, some comments?
I'd really appreciate your opinions!

RE: - the open community - LS 134 - Sep 13, 2009

We got a complete redesign now - if anybody would like to take a look at it: