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My Cool Website! - Stein - Apr 16, 2009

My Cool Website!

What is included in the web?
You could find anything there Application Downloads,Music Downloads,Games Downloads,eBooks,Templates & More.

Where couldi find the site
Probably at ~> Big Grin

Come & Join us!

RE: My Cool Website! - DAMINK - May 01, 2009

Well you stole my sig first off. I will get over that. Although you really should make your own as it does show lack of ability.
My real problem is you are currently running mybb but not keeping the copyright in the forums footer. Now im not sure about others here but i for one think that is wrong. There are loads of people who work hard to create MyBB and to not give them the credit is just not on IMHO.

[Image: 12411541869922_warez-dl.jpg]

For this reason i will not rate your site nor will i visit there again.

RE: My Cool Website! - DAMINK - May 01, 2009

I have to add. It appears the link to mybb is no longer mandatory rather optional so i appologise Stein.

RE: My Cool Website! - LS 134 - May 01, 2009

It's optional but still I'd keep it - shows that you respect the creators.
No review from me for a warez side without MyBB-Copyright (Almost poetic lol).

RE: My Cool Website! - FBI - May 01, 2009

just like getting VB from warez source Smile

RE: My Cool Website! - Joshua Mayer - May 03, 2009

You are using Afresh Black and you removed Justin S.'s Copyright!

RE: My Cool Website! - Cohen - May 03, 2009

This thread should be called 'My Illegal / No Copyright Website'


Your site is not very good if you remove the copyright!