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Firefox display - Soldier of Fortune - May 02, 2009

Hi guys Big Grin

Basically I made a MyBB forum, of course, and everything's working correctly...except this little thingy.

Forum displays perfectly in Opera and IE but not on Firefox. Like, the theme isn't displayed at all, just the threads and posts...everything is plain white, except for the links which are blue.
Besides, check it out:
It's my test forum, and school forum at the same time xD

So, how would I fix it?
If any1 helps, +rep or something...
Thanks in advance Cool

RE: Firefox display - MattR - May 02, 2009

Make sure ./cache/ and ./cache/themes/ are CHMOD to 777.

RE: Firefox display - DAMINK - May 03, 2009

Wow first time i have heard of FF not showing and IE showing.
Always the other way normally.
@MattR i would never have thought that was the problem. I even tested it and could not replicate the problem with chmodding folders cache and or themes.
I only tried chmod 666 though.

RE: Firefox display - MattR - May 03, 2009

Well, 99% of the time that people have this on the comm. forums, it's either those folders aren't CHMOD, or their board URL is wrong. The board URL seems to be fine here because the toplink images are working and they'd be broken if it was the board URL. If those 2 folders are OK, check the ones inside ./cache/themes/, they need to be 755 IIRC and the files inside need to be 644 (or sometimes even 777 and 666 respectively too).

RE: Firefox display - Cohen - May 03, 2009

I replied to your post at Sad

RE: Firefox display - Soldier of Fortune - May 03, 2009

After applying the permissions, nothing changed. True, /cache folder needed CHMODing but it didn't help anyway :O

Any more ideas? Also +rep for trying to help, hopefully I will motivate you enough to help me Smile

RE: Firefox display - DAMINK - May 03, 2009

<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" />
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="" />

I saw that in the code. That seemed perhaps a little weird?
Not sure actually. So you have the default theme and your own one do you?
Try revert back to default theme and see if that fixes it. And perhaps deactivate any plugins you may have like tabbed menu and see if that helps?
Just throwing out ideas mate.
After all i am the FoRuMs DrUnKeN ClOwN Smile

RE: Firefox display - Soldier of Fortune - May 03, 2009

Yeah I do. In fact I had problems lol. I used Corporal but installed tabs in the default theme. So I just changed to default theme, nothing big of a problem. The problem appeared as soon as I installed the forum, that shouldn't be a problem.
Or should it be? I don't know. I clearly said, web mastering/designing is probably the only thing I'm not really familiar with when it comes to computering.

RE: Firefox display - DAMINK - May 03, 2009

Pitty Labrocca is not online right now. I suspect he will look at it and 2 seconds later he would have the answer.
Weird a default forum would do that. Really weird. I run a test forum that is basically default and it does not do it.
At what point did you install tabs? Right at the start or after problem?
Thats the only thing i can think of causing it. But i have not heard of it happening to others so its a weird one.
Sorry i cant help you more SOF. I really wish i could mate. But im not the brightest spark here either mate.
I stumble around is about all. Smile

RE: Firefox display - Soldier of Fortune - May 03, 2009

As I said it appeared as soon as I installed the forum. I installed tabs yesterday LOONG after the forum. Lol.

It's OK, you can't know everything, lol. Besides, I googled for the answer and couldn't find it, so...rare people know it.