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300 posts? - DAMINK - May 20, 2009

Does this mean i get a big sloppy kiss of Labrocca now?
Just asking is all. Tongue
Come on pucker up big fella and brace yourself for a big sloppy one lol.

Dont know why i started this thread apart from a bit of bragging rights i guess. #5 for posts here now. Look out Labrocca im catching you lololol.

I will say good night now as im extremely drunk and need to have a few more before bed lol. I know some of you will understand. After all i gotta work tomorrow and a theory i have long had is...
damink drunken clown Wrote:Get drunk weekdays and go to work hangover. Dont waste your weekend being hangover.

RE: 300 posts? - LS 134 - May 20, 2009

Congratz to your 300, you really deserve your kiss now Tongue
Wonder what Jesse will do though - and if you really want that kiss Big Grin
*Just kidding*

Guess you will not make your next post here too soon as you still have your hangover - it gets longer the more you drink Tongue


RE: 300 posts? - labrocca - May 20, 2009

No tongue please.

RE: 300 posts? - TM0 - May 20, 2009

(May 20, 2009, 02:49 PM)labrocca Wrote: No tongue please.

Then whats the point? Tongue

RE: 300 posts? - wingman - May 26, 2009

congratz on the 300 mark Big Grin i'll opt out on the kissing though thanks, what are we, Italian soccer players or summat. Cool