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"My Side Boxes" help - Roc13x - May 20, 2009

When the "My Side Boxes" plugin is disabled, the footer of my forum looks like this:

[Image: fine.jpg]

And when the plugin is activated and showing on the index page, the footer looks like this:

[Image: notfine.jpg]

There are also other minor visual bugs caused.

I am using the following theme:
Afresh Black

How do I fix the footer?

RE: "My Side Boxes" help - labrocca - May 20, 2009

Check your site's not the plugin even though you think it is. The plugin code is clean and it doesn't actually make any html changes. Very likely it's another plugin that caused this and you think it's My Side Boxes.

My Side Boxes was designed to be template proof.

RE: "My Side Boxes" help - Roc13x - May 23, 2009

It must have been something to do with Internet Explorer, because I viewed the page in FireFox and it displays perfectly. Thanks

RE: "My Side Boxes" help - labrocca - May 23, 2009

You have a validation issue most likely an open tag somewhere.

RE: "My Side Boxes" help - Roc13x - May 23, 2009

I have finally found the cause!

The "My Side Boxes" plugin is conflicting with another plugin called "Newsbar".

If both plugins are running at the same time, it causes the display errors.