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MyMoviePlace - 1dollardean - Aug 10, 2009

Greetings everyone.

I am a newbie to Mybb and forums in general but I took the plunge last month and started working on a Mybb site to replace a site I built a few months ago using mostly pure HTML with no database. I have some programming experience dating back to the old Altair computers but my programming skills are very limited.

I modified the Afresh Flame theme by Justin S. to match the look of my old website and used a few of the mods available here to achieve the functionality I needed.

My new site is finished but I'm still loading content from my old site. I would appreciate some honest comments from the members here before I start actively driving traffic to my new site.

Here's the link to my site:

Thanks for taking a look and for the help I've received from the great site here.

RE: MyMoviePlace - Zash - Aug 10, 2009

Your site links to copyrighted movies. Nice.

RE: MyMoviePlace - 1dollardean - Aug 10, 2009

(Aug 10, 2009, 03:37 PM)Zash Wrote: Your site links to copyrighted movies. Nice.

My old site actually played the movies in an embedded player but I hate arguing with the MPAA over legalities so I decided to only provide links. My attorney didn't approve but then he doesn't make money if I don't need him.

For the most part movie sites such as mine provide a service to the film makers since the movies available online are usually of low quality and serve only as a preview. If the movie is good enough my users will purchase or rent the DVD so they can watch it in HD on their home entertainment system. It's the professional bootleggers that sell illegal DVD and BlueRay copies that rob the film makers of their much deserved earnings.

I might add that my site links to many movies and documentaries that are copyrighted but freely distributed by the copyright owners. Some film makers are more interested in having their work seen they they are in making money. And some of the movies and documentaries are in the public domain.

That's my defend the movie sites speech for today so I'll get down off of the soapbox. Just don't get me started on the Dems. Smile