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Subscribing - Tapout - Sep 17, 2009

Please Read:

Well, Currently Labrocca is selling central. Though, his paypal is canceled. So, he is working his hardest to find a alternative way to get subscribers. In the meanwhile please be patient. For now, you cannot subscribe. Please dont make other threads on saying if i can buy it off someone. That's against the license. You may only get this from here.

RE: Subscribing - tommykent1210 - Sep 19, 2009

So if Labrocca sells Mybb Central will the new owner be able to cancel our subscriptions?

RE: Subscribing - LS 134 - Sep 19, 2009

No, the new owner has to grant one year for all subscribers.

RE: Subscribing - labrocca - Sep 21, 2009

I have now setup Google Checkout on the join page.