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Staff application form? - Arkold Thos - Sep 25, 2009

Hi, I saw this plugin for vBulletin and I hope it exist to for MyBB, this is an example:

[Image: 15600975.png]

[Image: 48491882.png]

If someone found it for mybb please link it Big Grin

P.S: Don't look to the red circle, it doesn't matter, just copied the img

RE: Staff application form? - SimplyGorgeous - Sep 25, 2009

You must be a paid subscriber for that site as well though Tongue

RE: Staff application form? - Arkold Thos - Sep 25, 2009

Hmm, but I want the application post in a forum, because I want it for my hardware problems forum, so I want a form like this:




Big Grin

RE: Staff application form? - grizzly - Sep 27, 2009

You could just as easily create a post in your announcements or whatever section with the ap and have people PM it to you, then create a thread.