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[Release] BlueCream theme - labrocca - Jun 23, 2007

BlueCream Theme ver 1.0 compatible with Mybb version 1.2x by Jesse Labrocca

It is unlawful and against my copyrights to redistribute this theme in whole or part without my expressed written approval. The images in this theme are free for personal use only. If you wish to use this theme in whole or part for commercial purpose you must have expressed written permission. Use of this theme is acceptable only under the condition that the link to mybbcentral is not altered in any way. The link is in footer template. Any removal of this link and I will expect a license fee of $100 for each install and/or download of the theme. Any fees required to obtain this license fee will also be recovered and given to copyright holder.

This theme was created for GFN (Global Forum Network) and is released with their consent. You may use this theme provided you also keep the GFN link placed in the footer. Altering or removing that link will be a breach of this license. If you would like to ask permission for removal you must contact support[[AT]]

1. Upload images folder to your root directory. Allow overwrites
2. In admincp theme import the file extra/Blue_Cream-theme.xml
3. (optional) In admincp make the Blue_Cream theme default

All the original PNG files needed to create this theme are inside the extra folder. All images are in PNG layered format created by Macromedia Fireworks. You can replace the logo at images/bluecream/logo.gif.

Working Demo

RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - babyluv_us - Jun 23, 2007

You seem to enjoy doing this..

RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - labrocca - Jun 23, 2007

And as a matter of fact I do.

RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - SuperStar*** - Aug 23, 2007

Nice design. I like it.

RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - WarBirD - Sep 28, 2007

Not sure why but for some reason the banner of the design is not centered anymore after I did do some changes, which were only additions to the Menu above, meaning I added a few more links to the Menu bar, but thats it. How come I dont find the reason why its not centered anymore ? Is there somewhere in the header the problem ?
I would appreciate any help.


RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - davut1191 - Sep 28, 2007


RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - labrocca - Sep 28, 2007

Make sure this is in additional themes css editor:

.logo { text-align: center;}

RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - WarBirD - Sep 28, 2007

Done. Thank you very much m8. Wink


RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - oxygen - Sep 29, 2007

i like that one

RE: [Release] BlueCream theme - gunsmoke - Sep 29, 2007

thanks ^_^