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paypal paid - paoloblock - Nov 08, 2009

hi.. i'm new in this forum.. i'have paid for became member but i don't have any confermation..

RE: paypal paid - labrocca - Nov 08, 2009

Your account is upgraded.

RE: paypal paid - seb - Nov 09, 2009


I pay and I am not pass that must be a member!
Sorry for my English I'm French

RE: paypal paid - x-Treme - Nov 10, 2009

You must be upgraded's showing you as a subscriber.

RE: paypal paid - Angel - Nov 14, 2009

ok i have just sent money. I hope this works lolz.

RE: paypal paid - MyBB Freak - Nov 14, 2009

You will get it as soon as he gets the pm from you.

RE: paypal paid - Angel - Nov 14, 2009

well i sent a pm and he said he didnt get money or didnt go through or something....I swear if paypal outed me 10USD im not gona be happy.

RE: paypal paid - kdog2fast - Nov 15, 2009

Well Labrocca wouldn't cheat you... I'm 99% sure he wouldn't. Keep in touch with him and pm him a few times and sort it out. If its a problem with paypal contact them.

RE: paypal paid - Angel - Nov 15, 2009

well i hope hey pms me back about this. Cause i dont wana lose 10USD

RE: paypal paid - kdog2fast - Nov 15, 2009

He will pm you back just be patient. Also you may want to attach a proof of payment from your transactions to his paypal and pm him the email you sent the money from (your paypal email).

It may speed up the process.