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'Ello. - Leo Ghost - Nov 16, 2009

'Ello everyone. I've been playing with web development of all breeds for just over 4 years now, running forums has always been a past time of mine. I started out with InvisionFree, moved to phpBB, and finally saw the MyBB colored light a year or so ago. I'm handy with graphics (ex. avatar), and I know a fair bit of xHTML / CSS. Although my strong point isn't php, I can find my way around and make minor edits when needed.

I'm currently 17 years old, and you may call me Leo Ghost. Glad to be here :-)

(And yes, i've already purchased an upgraded membership Tongue)

RE: 'Ello. - Xenocide - Nov 16, 2009

Welcome to MyBBCentral Leo.

RE: 'Ello. - Leo Ghost - Nov 16, 2009

Thanks, Xenocide. Hopefully when I get some spare time I can really start to look around and make myself at home =P