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Hey guys and gals. - elusiveDEVIANT - Dec 15, 2009

Hey peeps whats up. The names onyx...obviously Big Grin

So ummm i do web designing, mybb plugin devlopment (still learning) and i am good with programming. So i know a bit here and there, but there is always more to learn Big Grin

This site looks pretty ace...kudos to you Labrocca? I hope i spelled that right.

I hope i can be some help here, and you guys a help to this was my somewhat short, sweet welcome.....and hi and all that fun stuff.


RE: Hey guys and gals. - BrainDeadFreak - Dec 15, 2009

Welcome man. Thanks for the help by the way. Big Grin

RE: Hey guys and gals. - Dutchcoffee - Dec 16, 2009

Hey there Onyx! Welcome to MyBB Central Smile