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I want a Template! - parsmizban - Jul 08, 2007

Hi i am from iran and i saw a good theme for mybb in an iranian site
i want this theme
can anyone help me?
thank a milion

RE: I want a Template! - FirefoxWiz - Jul 08, 2007

You could ask them if they could release it.. ?

RE: I want a Template! - Anexxion - Jul 20, 2007

Not very hard to rip it. Actually, easily rippable. View source may help and find the links for the images. For example. - example. And just use those images.

Few examples.

images/ (header_rs) Find that and replace it and just keep doing that

Right click anywhere on the website > View Source > Search (Ctrl+F) .gif/.jpg/.jpeg/.png and common extension types and look for the links accociated with them. they will start with "images/"

Maybe I'm wrong, maybe I'm right, maybe It's hard. I don't know, tell me if it might work or if it could.

RE: I want a Template! - sythegfx - Jul 25, 2007

go get one