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Football Furor - saintsinner - Feb 13, 2010

Heres my site, please give some suggestions and feedback.


RE: Football Forums - BrainDeadFreak - Feb 13, 2010

Nice theme i like it. I think you should get rid of the hoover text underline on the menu tabs.

RE: Football Forums - labrocca - Feb 13, 2010

It's a fantastic design. Congrats.

RE: Football Forums - rohithvsn - Feb 14, 2010

WOW....IT really rocks...great forum and superb theme...all the best!!

RE: Football Forums - saintsinner - Feb 17, 2010

thanks guys.

RE: Football Forums - kdog2fast - Feb 23, 2010

I have been to your forum once before but I don't think it was from here... but god your theme really impresses me. The whole design is great and graphics are great.

RE: Football Forums - euantor - Feb 24, 2010

As the others said, that is a pretty sweet theme you've got there! Nice job!

RE: Football Forums - saintsinner - Feb 24, 2010

thanks. i have worked a lot to make it organised. but the only thing missing is members.

RE: Football Forums - kdog2fast - Feb 24, 2010

Don't worry it looks good. Keep doing what your doing it is growing fine imo.

RE: Football Forums - saintsinner - Feb 24, 2010

thanks for the motivation. but i dont get new members. all those members are from post exchanges forums. dont really have many active members.