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(BCC) error - jumik - Mar 02, 2010

As admin I try to PM to an user.

When i click "Send user a private message" I see only a page with (BCC) written in the left corner and page keep loading without finishing...


ps: "Send user an email" is working. i am using firefox.

from user to admin i tested in explorer, i can send PM without problem.

RE: (BCC) error - Eugene - Mar 03, 2010

Then just get a new copy of FF or get Chrome I use it and everything is fine for me.

RE: (BCC) error - jumik - Mar 03, 2010

there is nothing wrong with firefox. i tested with other computer. same problem. it is the theme problem (blue rush)... i need to change it if this cannot be fixed soon.

RE: (BCC) error - MattR - Mar 03, 2010

Are all the Private Message templates for that theme default...??

RE: (BCC) error - jumik - Mar 04, 2010

sorry MattR, i removed that theme. was too much trouble. But yes. Private Message templates for that theme were i guess default, since in firefox PM doesn't worked but in explorer worked.