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Forum Width - x:Biohazard:x - May 22, 2010

Say if i wanted to make my forum wider so that the edges of the forum go all the way (almost) to the side of the screen if you get what im saying
like this forum, the width it has

RE: Forum Width - Elite Dash - May 23, 2010

To change the width of your forum, you basically go to global.css
Find : #container

And there , change your width (It can be in px or percent)

RE: Forum Width - BrainDeadFreak - May 24, 2010

If you change it into a "px" then your theme will be fixed, meaning no matter how big or small the browser size is, it will stay the same. If you us a "%" then your theme will be fluid. So if the browser is is minimized or maximized the theme width will too.

RE: Forum Width - artmuz65 - Dec 14, 2016

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RE: Forum Width - walter - Dec 21, 2016

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