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[Release] ViTaL - Elite Dash - Jul 05, 2010

Name : ViTaL
Author : Filip Borghoff
Website :

Dark red theme, good for gaming boards.

There is also a Extras Folder which contains a Logo PSD and a postbit PSD and a Thanks button.


Live Demo

Download v2 (Updated)


RE: [Release] ViTaL - Pac Man - Jul 05, 2010

Nice theme keep the good work up.

RE: [Release] ViTaL - Dubstep - Jul 11, 2010

May I use that electric burst thing in my own logo, if you do not mind?

RE: [Release] ViTaL - Elite Dash - Jul 11, 2010

Ofcourse you can Wink

RE: [Release] ViTaL - tprice - Aug 25, 2010

Nice theme, I love your work!

Terry Price
Mobile Solutions