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Subscription Plugin - wcwman18 - Aug 14, 2010

Any chance that we can get a plugin for 1.6 for PayPal Subscriptions?

These are the main features I would like.

1. More then one subscription for users to choose (1 month 3 months 6 months)

2. Other services they can pay with (Alertpay ect.)

RE: Subscription Plugin - !!* Alone Vampire *!! - Aug 14, 2010

Omni is upgrading his plugins, you can give him suggestions.

RE: Subscription Plugin - labrocca - Aug 15, 2010

There won't be an AP module for it.

RE: Subscription Plugin - nofear1999 - Jan 11, 2011

Possibly make it so that you don't need verified PayPal to use it?

RE: Subscription Plugin - mothh - Jan 16, 2011

Doesn't it exist already?

RE: Subscription Plugin - karateninja - Jan 17, 2011

ipn but i would like that one as well so we can have more subscription

RE: Subscription Plugin - Loque - Mar 09, 2011

When the 1.4 plugin will upgraded?

RE: Subscription Plugin - Snow. - Mar 22, 2011

Hmmm is this forum dead? o0
Omni could you please tell us if you are working on the 1.6.2 PayPal subscription mod?

RE: Subscription Plugin - Oliver Evans - Mar 22, 2011

I believe Labrocca only creates for his need, not on demand. So because Labrocca manually reviews suscriptions, so he doesnt need such plugin.

Im sure there is a plugin out there which will do the job if not a similar job.

RE: Subscription Plugin - Pac Man - Mar 22, 2011

I think u should be able to find this on