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I need Plugins. - !!* Alone Vampire *!! - Aug 16, 2010

From many days I have upgraded to mybb 1.6 and I am facing too many problems.
I need some plugins...updated....such as tabbed menu.

RE: I need Plugins. - Elite Dash - Aug 16, 2010

They are coming.
Hmm, you posted in many other threads saying Labrocca is updating and now you make a own thread?

RE: I need Plugins. - tazman - Aug 16, 2010

Have you opened the plugin in notepad and changed the version from 14 to 16 all my plugins worked it will fix almost all just by changing the compatibility from 14 to 16

RE: I need Plugins. - !!* Alone Vampire *!! - Aug 16, 2010

@ Clone.
Yes bro, I was waiting and waiting..but now my members are complaining..that's why I had to create this thread.

RE: I need Plugins. - booher - Aug 16, 2010

Just change the compatability. That's worked for all the plugins ive tried Tongue

RE: I need Plugins. - Gpizzle - Aug 16, 2010

yeah changing the compatibility has been working for me

RE: I need Plugins. - Elite Dash - Aug 16, 2010

Ah, well same here bro.

RE: I need Plugins. - kdog2fast - Aug 16, 2010

Many people are waiting but its worth it to wait. From what I remember, I think I read Labrocca is adding some new features to some plugins so it might be in your best interest to wait and see.

RE: I need Plugins. - !!* Alone Vampire *!! - Aug 17, 2010

Did tabbed menu also worked after changing it's compatibility.

RE: I need Plugins. - racerking - Aug 18, 2010


yes the tabbed menu is workin in mybb 1.6

just change from 14 to 16