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Problem with plugins! - eXPerience - Aug 18, 2010

I have a problem with plugins after upgrading to 1.6!

[Image: x0nz9w.jpg]

What should i do to fix this? Sad

RE: Problem with plugins! - Pansophical - Aug 23, 2010

My one is only happening to the tab menu.

This is the error I am receiving when I press activate plugin:

[Image: tabj.png]

RE: Problem with plugins! - Scottocs - Aug 23, 2010

Sounds like you should uninstall and reinstall tab menu.

RE: Problem with plugins! - Pansophical - Aug 23, 2010

I fixed my error, I explained your other thread as well.

Firstly, visit your Cpanel.

Secondly, find phpMyadmin and click it.

Thirdly, click databases

Fourthly, choose your database

Finally, find mybb_forum3tabmenu and simply click the cross button next to it and drop it down and it will work!

RE: Problem with plugins! - Dubstep - Aug 28, 2010

Double post more, please.