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[Request] Link to change theme directly - blazendevil2 - Sep 02, 2010

I have seen this previously requested by many other users on this forum and I think it would allow boards with multiple themes to easily allow their users to change themes.

I have recently installed a collection of Evo2 themes all of which are the same slick dark layout with different colour schemes at the header and hyperlink colours.

I would find it very cool to have a quick theme changer but I feel including just some squares with the colour of alternative colour schemes nicer to embed into the actual theme's header with maybe some javascript previews.
The only way I can see this working is these images where to hyperlink to a page which changes the theme for the logged in user.


When clicked the script updates the users preference and sends them to a confirmation page before being returned to the forums automatically.

This would be a nice plugin and would be helpful for many, but if this is to hard work or if it's faster could someone please tell me a way to have a hyperlink that changes the user's theme.

Unfortunately, I cannot pay for such plugin however I am sure me and the community would be very grateful for it.

Just to confirm I am not looking for a plugin to include a theme changer into the theme. I am looking for a plugin which makes a php file change the theme. I will include the images and hyperlinking myself.

RE: [Request] Link to change theme directly - blazendevil2 - Sep 10, 2010

Sorry to bump but I could really use a solution Smile

RE: [Request] Link to change theme directly - Elite Dash - Sep 11, 2010

Try Quick Theme Changer.