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Click here - thedying - Sep 03, 2010

can a locally stored mybb forum using mySQLdb imported to a portgreSQLdb in a webhost.


RE: test - Elite Dash - Sep 03, 2010

Sorry but, what?

RE: test - JD12 - Sep 03, 2010

(Sep 03, 2010, 08:56 AM)Clone Wrote: Sorry but, what?

RE: test - thedying - Sep 03, 2010

in slow and gradually increasing reading habits.. ^^

I have a running mybb forum stored in my own pc. and I connected it to my dns. database is mysql , with 700users in my network

now, i had recovered my old webhost account and I decided to transfer it.

no problems about doing it.

then a question hit me.

Is it possible to change my database from mySQL to portgre ? <-- i think it is

Is it possible to IMPORT my database tables from mySQL to portgre ? <-- I have no idea.


happy reading ^^