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MyAwards issue.. - smaller - Sep 03, 2010


I recently changed to a new theme.

Now, on a user's profile, it says there are no rewards.

The awards system just isn't showing up on the post. Anyone know why? I added the code in the postbit_user_author part on my template(The correct one) and it still didn't work.

I deactivated it and then reactivated it and it still didn't work

Also, the points system(MyPS) isn't working. I'm running 1.6, but converted them to 1.6 and they work on my other theme(It was also a 1.4 theme. This one is as well)

What's up? Anyone know?

RE: MyAwards issue.. - Elite Dash - Sep 04, 2010

Follow the troubleshooting guide, then it should work.

RE: MyAwards issue.. - labrocca - Sep 07, 2010

Plugins are not 1.6x compatible at this time. I'm sorry I can't offer you official 1.6x support yet.

RE: MyAwards issue.. - Elite Dash - Sep 07, 2010

Labrocca, I think OP is using 1.6.

RE: MyAwards issue.. - lirafae - Sep 08, 2010

Thank you for your information,i know it.

RE: MyAwards issue.. - smaller - Sep 08, 2010

Thats understandable labrocca. Thanks anyways.

To anyone curious, if you are encountering this problem do this:

Backup the database, switch your theme, then deactivate the plugins and reactivate them. That's what I did.

Also, i'm not having issues using the software, just switching themes brings up an issue.