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RE: Username styles? - Oliver Evans - Feb 05, 2011

I prefer to keep everything organised and keep it all in one tag.

The random code that is in mine, or should I say SouR'Ds is just incase the gif has special properties, or is too small or too big for the area i believe.

RE: Username styles? - __JJ__ - Feb 05, 2011

is all good, I just prefer simple & works so take what I find & make it so.

in any case is all about helping the person trying to improve their forum

& again yes it does work is working fine on 2 active forums please test before you state it won't work as you did not test the script you took from SourD because it does not.

I am in no way trying to be rude just trying to help the original poster & it does work, so please at least try before condemning as yours did not

RE: Username styles? - Oliver Evans - Feb 05, 2011

Your obviouslly doing something wrong because it does work on my forum;
<span style="background: url( no-repeat scroll 0% 0% transparent; color: red; text-shadow: 0px 0px 5px rgb(255, 0, 0);">{username}</span>
Make sure you replace all the code in your your Username Style box before pasting the code into it. The code above is all you need in that box nothing less nothing more.

The reason the first code was wrong is because when you look at the source , quotation marks appear as &quot; so thought i just ment " but it didnt.

Please make sure you do some checks yourself before trying to make it sound like im wrong

RE: Username styles? - ProxRock. - Feb 05, 2011

It works now. Thanks <3

RE: Username styles? - Oliver Evans - Feb 05, 2011

(Feb 05, 2011, 02:22 PM)__JJ__ Wrote: but using your code the css did not work for group name color, but sparkle effect does.

CSS Effects are not always visible on some version of Internet Explorer and some other browsers.
I suggest upgrading to Mozilla Firefox to see your forums true display.

RE: Username styles? - __JJ__ - Feb 05, 2011

I use firefox Wink

RE: Username styles? - SouR'D - Feb 06, 2011

Thanks for Sharing my code to the Public Cybertechforums ... LOL
But also thanks for giving me credits

RE: Username styles? - Oliver Evans - Feb 07, 2011

lol I knw im sorry, only giving them what they want Tongue

RE: Username styles? - mdradikal - Feb 14, 2012

i have problem with style username

RE: Username styles? - Oliver Evans - Feb 14, 2012

Care to expand on your post?