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1.6 branch plugins? - - Mar 03, 2011


I have not been to this site for a while and the structure seems to have changed a little. Can someone direct me to the mybb v1.6 plugin section? I only see two showing in the forum "Mybb 1.6x Official Central Plugins and Hacks" which I assume is incorrect.


RE: 1.6 branch plugins? - Oliver Evans - Mar 03, 2011

No you are correct. Labrocca has only currently made 2x 1.6 plugins.

The thing is you run out of things to make and seeing as most 1.4 plugins work on 1.6 anways.

RE: 1.6 branch plugins? - - Mar 03, 2011


Thanks for the response. I'll look over the 1.4 plugins - it was a "ask question during registration" type plugin I was looking for in order to reduce the number of automated registrations I get. Sure it was here that I found it. Thanks again.