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Hello everyone - Arei - Mar 07, 2007

Smile My name is Arei, I've been using myBB for a few months now, switched over from phpbb which I had used for a few years, I do like mybb A LOT more, it doesn't die as often =P
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RE: Hello everyone - FirefoxWiz - Mar 07, 2007

Welcome to MyBB Central! Hope you enjoy the downloads and it is nice to see you here! Smile


RE: Hello everyone - dextrone - Mar 08, 2007

I know, myBB is 100x better, it even has a built in rep. system to save time(for modding)

RE: Hello everyone - Mano - Mar 09, 2007

welcome to the forums !

RE: Hello everyone - labrocca - Mar 09, 2007

Welcome and I am also an ex-phpbb users. I had to convert about 8 forums but I did it with very little problems.