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Hi guys - Nihility - Sep 27, 2011

Just registered and paid $10 as a subscriber/paid member. My question is when will I get my subscriber status?

RE: Hi guys - Oliver Evans - Sep 27, 2011

Hi Nihility, im BleepyEvans and I own and Admin

It will usually take around 24-48 hours for your account to be updated as all subscriptions are done manually.
Although in the past few days Labrocca must have been a bit busy so it would be slightly longer.

If you have any more questions, dont hesistate to ask.

RE: Hi guys - Nihility - Sep 27, 2011

ic, I will just wait for it Smile

thanks btw

RE: Hi guys - F4T4L 3RR0R - Sep 27, 2011

Welcome to MyBB Central!

RE: Hi guys - Nihility - Sep 27, 2011

thanks..hope I will be have my subscriber status so that I could start downloading now

RE: Hi guys - Shark - Oct 01, 2011

Welcome to MyBB man. I am new here as well.

RE: Hi guys - Nihility - Oct 02, 2011

got it but a lil bit disappointed

RE: Hi guys - MrJohn - Oct 03, 2011

This site is not what it once was, but still has some great plugins none-the-less. You just have to look in the 1.4 section. Glad to hear you finally got your subscriber status.

RE: Hi guys - sophiekv8 - Oct 12, 2011

Hello, i am new here. Nice to meet you